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The Ultra High Volume air samplers with Global Air Sampling (GAS) System technology brings forth measuring flow rates as high as 600 CFM (1000 m3/hr) and are the ultimate in end user customization. Sampling mode options have been combined into one reasonably priced commercial grade item.

UHC-600 UHV600 Global Mega High Volume Air Sampler

The F&J Ultra High Volume Air Sampling System incorporates ~ 400 in2 (2580.64 cm2) filter holder with a heavy duty centrifugal blower, automatic flow control and the F&J Global Air Sampling System flow measurement electronics.

The system is mounted onto a heavy duty metal skid with a modular design to facilitate servicing of individual system components. The large dimension filter holder is protected from precipitation by a hemispherical rain shield.

Flow rates as high as 600 CFM (1000 m3/hr) are achievable depending upon the air flow resistance of the filter media. Flow control is achieved via a variable frequency drive system.

Additional details of this device can be found in our technical brochure.

Don't see a model that fits your needs?  Contact us!  We have many additional models not shown and can custom design air samplers.